Time for Change: Take Action

Wake up the policy-makers! It is extremely important for the purposes of the campaign to raise awareness on this issue throughout Europe. The main targets are media and the general public. With their help it is possible to force European politicians to reconsider European immigration policies and to develop a human vision on migration.

Use the information compiled in the List to organise activities: lectures, multicultural evenings, debates or prepare a petition.

Make the List as public as possible to advert against the cruel and inhuman consequences of Europe’s exclusion policy.

The sheer number of deaths documented on the List is powerful in itself, yet each individual casualty must not get lost in statistics. The human dimension is what makes the List so potent; by giving attention to the very real challenges, struggles and suffering that migrants face, you help your target audience to relate to and engage with the situation. In your campaigning, adopt cases that you feel will resonate most strongly with them – some possible options have been highlighted throughout this leaflet – if necessary, contact the UNITED secretariat for more background information.

USE the ‘List of Deaths’!

The most recent List is accessible online and can be used by activists, researchers, journalists and artists to generate further awareness through their own work and projects.

Journalists and researchers can request the complete export for research at