UNITED published in 2015 a poster containing more information on the campaign. Unfortunately, the text is in 2023 still valid…

You can order this poster for your local actions for free.

“The Fatal Policies of Fortress Europe” poster (pdf 408kB)

Poster content: the ‘Fatal Policies of Fortress Europe’

Since 1993 UNITED has been monitoring the fatal results of the policies summarized as the building of ‘Fortress Europe’. In the period 1993-2013 more than 22.000 deaths (including those listed in this poster) can be put down to border militarisation, asylum laws, detention policies & deportations.
1000s more are never found. These are the consequences when Europe shuts its doors and eyes. Our message has been the same over the years – with increasingly higher numbers (update 2022: more than 48.647) – each unnecessary death is one too many.
How big must our message get before something will CHANGE? We need to wake up policy-makers and show them the human costs of their decisions. It is TIME FOR CHANGE!

“The Fatal Policies of Fortress Europe” leaflet (pdf 10MB)

Info leaflet:

The backside of this ‘Fatal Policies of Fortress Europe’ poster is an info leaflet. On a regular basis, UNITED published Info Leaflets that enable NGOs to find hints, best-practice and specific know-how about topics relevant for the every day work. The authors are expert activists from within different parts of the UNITED network and share their knowledge and experience. Whether it is about the practical basics (“Time for Change: Take Action”) or the background information (“Border Management and Externalisation”), the UNITED Info Leaflets are a widely renowned tool, likewise for beginners and veterans in the refugee-topics field.