Update December 2021: The UNITED List of Refugee Deaths is in serious danger.

Our computers have been stolen from our Amsterdam Campaign secretariat. Without your urgent help, we cannot continue documenting the tragic consequences of Fortress Europe.
Please donate through the Paypal link below or – preferably – our ING bank account. Every Euro helps.

Support us also in the next years to continue this campaign

We are, apart from this emergency situation, hoping to find 300 people to donate a regular ~40 Euro/year (by banktransfer to ING Bank – less bank costs) or ~4 Euro/month (with Paypal – high banking costs).

UNITED is in the Netherlands a registred charity (ANBI nr RSIN: 8056.51.779) and donations are (under conditions) tax deductible. A 5 year regular donation is fully deductible.


Bank account information:
Account holder: UNITED
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): NL28INGB0002343715
Address bank: Postbus 1800, NL-1000 BV Amsterdam, Netherlands