About the ‘List of Deaths’

UNITED List of Refugee Deaths

In the ‘List of Deaths’, UNITED has been collecting reliable data on refugee deaths related to Fortress Europe since 1993. In the period 1993-2020 at least 40. 555 documented refugee deaths can be attributed to the ‘Fatal Policies of Fortress Europe’. Most probably thousands more are never found.

The List summarises information on where, when, and under which circumstances they died. On all death cases, further documentation is kept in the archive. The data are collected through own research, information received from the 550 network organisations in 48 countries and from local experts, journalists, and researchers in the field of migration. Compiled in the ‘List of Deaths’ they add up to an impressive listing and a strong campaign statement: No More Deaths – Time For Change!

For researchers and media, a more detailed list is available on request.

Conditions to use the UNITED List of Deaths:

The use of our UNITED List of Refugee Deaths is free of copyrights (for artwork, activism, media, research, etc) provided:
– UNITED is contacted in advance (listofdeaths@unitedagainstracism.org) to obtain formal approval (which we usually give, but of course, we want and need to know what happens with our List of Deaths and be involved somewhat in the plans or activity)
– we are kept informed, like by sending us pictures of the actions that we may publish, any material and press clippings, suggestions and corrections, etc.
– we receive preferably some free copies of printed material produced by post
– In case of project funding is sought for any action based on the List, please also budget an amount for the List research and updates by UNITED.
– If possible: a UNITED representative is invited to the (opening) action or event
– Donations – even small – are very welcome to make it possible to keep on working on the List

– UNITED is mentioned clearly as a source of the List of Refugee Deaths.

Minimal mention: “UNITED for Intercultural Action – campaign office ‘Fortress Europe No More Deaths’ – unitedagainstrefugeedeaths.eu – listofdeaths@unitedagainstracism.org – unitedagainstracism.org”
Preferably with our logo on all printed material (download from www.unitedagainstracism.org/blog/publication_type/logo/).
See for full details below.

How to Mention UNITED

– Campaign contact data if needed for any supporting publication/ media release:
UNITED for Intercultural Action – European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees
Campaign Fatal Policies of Fortress Europe
Postbus 413 • NL-1000 AK Amsterdam • Netherlands
phone +31-6-48808808
UnitedAgainstRefugeeDeaths.eu and www.UNITEDAgainstRacism.org
Twitter @UNITED__Network #AgainstRefugeeDeaths
Facebook UNITED Against Refugee Deaths

Logo downloads in color if needed: www.unitedagainstracism.org/blog/publication_type/logo/
If appropriate you may mention Geert Ates as contact person (campaign coordinator and Director UNITED Amsterdam office) +31-6-48808808
General campaign info: http://unitedagainstrefugeedeaths.eu/about-the-campaign/fortress-europe-death-by-policy

Should you have any more questions, please contact us.